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Xenos Injector v2.3.2 – Best Free Injector (All Games)

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xenos injector

Xenos Injector is a tool that will help you inject your dll files into all games in a simple way. You can inject the cheat file you want into your games without any problems. It will not crash or give an error, check which method the dll file you will inject supports and run it.

This Xenos Injector, which is completely free and has a simple installation, is highly appreciated by its users and is undetected. It is one of the virus-free injectors, at the same time, all the injectors on our website are the same in this regard, they are virus-free. You can inject many games such as CSGO, Minecraft, GTA 5, Cs 1.6 for free.

Xenos Injector Features

  • Supports x86 and x64 processes and modules
  • Kernel-mode injection feature (driver required)
  • Manual map of kernel drivers (driver required)
  • Injection of pure managed images without proxy dll
  • Windows 7 cross-session and cross-desktop injection
  • Injection into native processes (those having only ntdll loaded)
  • Calling custom initialization routine after injection
  • Unlinking module after injection
  • Injection using thread hijacking
  • Injection of x64 images into WOW64 process
  • Image manual mapping
  • Injection profiles

Manual map features:

  • Relocations, import, delayed import, bound import
  • Static TLS and TLS callbacks
  • Security cookie
  • Image manifests and SxS
  • Make module visible to GetModuleHandle, GetProcAddress, etc.
  • Support for exceptions in private memory under DEP
  • C++/CLI images are supported (use ‘Add loader reference’ in this case)

Kernel manual map features are mostly identical to user-mode with few exceptions:

  • No C++ exception handling support for x64 images (only SEH)
  • No static TLS
  • No native loader compatibility
  • Limited dependency path resolving. Only API set schema, SxS, target executable directory and system directory

xenos injector

How to use Xenos Injector ?

  1. Download xenos from the “Download” button below.
  2. Extract the archive anywhere.(Password:123)
  3. Run Injector as administrator.
  4. Select the game process.
  5. Click add and select your dll file.
  6. Press Advanced and from the local injection options section select the unlink module and delete PE Headers.
  7. Also in General Options, set the injection delay equal to 11900 and the injection interval to 750.
  8. Say OK, save the settings and inject.
  9. Enjoy!

This Injector fully supports x64 and 86 methods so you don’t have to worry. You should choose whichever you prefer or what dll and game support you will use, otherwise you may encounter errors.

This Xenos Injector will give you a lot of advantages in games, for example Extreme Injector seems to be detected in most games now but the same is not true for Xenos. It is one of the rare injectors currently undetected. You don’t need to be careful when using it, you just have to check its configuration. It also runs and supports various inject methods such as Manual Map.

Will you be banned when you use Xenos?

This Xenos Injector, which you will definitely not be banned from, has not been detected by many games at the moment. In some games, anti-cheat software requires bypass method, you have to do it yourself xenos will not help in this regard. It will work for you seamlessly throughout the game. It can work for multiplayer games.

The Xenos injector is also safe to use and does not suffer from any malware attacks. This makes it reliable and guarantees the safety of your game files. So you can play your games better and stay protected.

Some of these games include CSGO, GTA V, Fortnite and more.


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