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Injector for Valorant (P100 DLL Injector) + Certificate

Hoohaa Hoohaa -
injector for valorant

Injector for Valorant is really hard to detect thanks to its advanced signing system and is an injector made for you to inject cheats like Skin Changer into the game. Everyone can benefit from this injector with peace of mind, it is now very easy to be one step ahead of your competitors. You’ve been wanting the Injector cheat for Valorant for a long time, so we decided to publish it.

Our team tested it and did not detect any threats to avoid sharing. This P100 Injector is fully integrated for Valorant cheats. If you have downloaded a Valorant Cheat from our website and you do not know how to inject this dll file into the game, this is an article for you, read it until the end.

FREE Valorant Injector Features

  • Advanced injector system for Valorant.
  • Opportunity to protect your cheat with a certificate signature.
  • Having a completely free injector.
Injector for Valorant (P100 DLL Injector) + Certificate 1
Injector for Valorant (P100 DLL Injector) + Certificate 2

How to Use P100 DLL Injector for Valorant

  1. Install the cheat from the download button below.
  2. Extract the archive anywhere. (Password:123)
  3. Replace the Valorant Cheat DLL you downloaded from our website with the dll in the folder.
  4. Change the DLL name to test.dll.
  5. Sign your DLL with the certificate. (Drag the cheat dll onto sign.bat.)
  6. Open Valorant Game.
  7. Drag the DLL you signed into hookloader.exe(injector).
  8. Have fun!

Can’t run Valorant Skin Changer cheat? Then you are exactly at the right place. Now all your skins will be unlocked, run your cheat in accordance with the instructions above, first check the properties of your dll file, if there is any certificate, you do not need to sign the certificate again, just drag it onto the hookloader. If you have any problems with the cheat, you can contact us in the comments section below. Cheating is now easy with the P100 DLL injector, which is the Injector for Valorant!

Download Injector for Valorant FREE


Valorant Injector Tutorial Video

9 Comment

  1. Adnan - -

    hey. i did everything correct but when i try to drag dll file on hookloader.exe it says “[ FAILED ] The function was not found.” what do i do?

  2. Baddd - -

    .dll i sertifikalamama rağmen FAİLED hatası ama kendi test.dll leri ile test ettiğimde çalışıyor ??

    1. Yess Yess klay - -

      bendede açtığım da şifreyi yazarken kapanıyor

  3. Choowie - -

    Hey, can anyone help me. When I start the injection there is a message from the injector that tells me “[ FAILED ] The function was not found.”. feel free to contact me.

    1. Hoohaa - -

      Drag the cheat dll file to the top of the injector.

  4. Leo - -

    i did it all. but when I run the dll, there is no response, neither says the dll has worked nor the menu comes up.

    1. Hoohaa - -

      Check if the cheat is up to date, also install the c++ runtimes packages completely. If it still doesn’t work, change the window mode of the valorant game.

  5. Enes Peker - -

    Merhaba hileyi yapamadim yardimci olurmusunuz

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