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SazInjector V4 – Working for all games – (VAC-Bypass)

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sazinjector v4

SazInjector v4 is a free cheat injection program. It has VAC Bypass, so you will not be banned when you inject cheats into VAC protected games. Smooth running injector for popular online games. This injector will help you inject your .dll cheat file into your game. SazInjector, which is very easy to use, will do it quickly and without errors. Tested by us in CSGO and everything went smoothly.

SazInjector V4 - Working for all games - VAC-Bypass integrated 1
SazInjector V4 – Working for all games – VAC-Bypass integrated 1

Things to know about SazInjector

Some dlls aren’t working with the Manual Map injection (For example : Osiris.dll).
If the game crash after the injection, try to use Load Library injection type.

How to Use SazInjector v4?

  1. Turn off anti-virus and defender software on your computer.
  2. Download the injector file below and extract the archive anywhere. (Password:123)
  3. Start the Sunset.exe file.
  4. Select an inject type. (ManualMap is recommended)
  5. Choose an action. (Example: csgo.exe)
  6. Add your cheat .dll file.
  7. Adjust the settings and hit the inject button.
  8. Enjoy!

If you want to be protected from VAC Ban

  • Run the injector and dll from anywhere.
  • Run VAC-Bypass-loader.
  • Select Manual Map Injection.
  • Clean the latest dll’s. (Settings)
  • Check the “Close After Injection” option.

Download SazInjector v4 Working for all games


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