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Westbound script [ESP, Aimbot]

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westbound script

Westbound script, you won’t believe it, but only this gui supports many functions. The most preferred Roblox Westbound Script Hack because it is free. It is quite difficult to find a working Westbound cheat nowadays, but we are sharing the most up-to-date and definitely working script for you.

You can have this great script that has been audited and tested by our team, or you can browse other roblox scripts on our website. Here is a script to support you if you have no idea about the Westbound game.

Westbound script features

  • ESP Health
  • ESP Name
  • ESP Distance
  • ESP Lines
  • Aimbot
  • Character
  • Locations
  • Misc
  • and more

westbound script

How to script in Westbound ?

  1. Click the “Get Script” button below.
  2. Copy the Westbound Roblox Script Hack code from the notes page.
  3. Start your free and undetected roblox exploit.
  4. If you do not have a Roblox Exploit, you can download and use it from our website.
  5. Open Westbound Game.
  6. Attach / Inject your roblox exploit to the Westbound game.
  7. Paste copied script to the your roblox exploit and execute it into the game!

Westbound Roblox Game About

Westbound, on the other hand, is one of Roblox’s distinct games, allowing users to create and explore their own western-style settlements. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Westbound game’s features, gameplay, and entertainment value.

Westbound is a typical simulation game. The aim of the players is to establish and manage a western style settlement. This is different from other simulation games because players have limited partnerships with the real world. Westbound is a real-time game, which allows players to interact with each other. Players can also visit other settlements to get inspiration from other users.

In Westbound, users are allowed to build their own homes, farms, mines and other structures. These structures are used to gather resources, store items and run errands. Users can also add various decorative elements to their layouts. These items enhance the beauty of their placement and can be shared with other users.

Roblox Westbound Script Download

Get Script

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