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Team Fight Tactics OCR Bot Hack (TFT)

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Team Fight Tactics OCR Bot Hack

Team Fight Tactics OCR Bot Hack is a free tft hack. Blitz works fine as long as apps like Mobalytics are closed. Keeps track of bench, items, boards and plays user defined team composition. You can read the board status and you will be able to be aware of situations such as round, level gold. Check out our other cheats.

TFT OCR Bot Features

  1. Read the board state (Round / Level / Gold / Shop / Items)
  2. Keeps track of champions on the board and bench
  3. Pick a random item/champ from the carousel
  4. Pickup items from the board after PVE rounds
  5. Place correct items onto champions
  6. Plays the user-defined team comp
  7. Auto queue using the LCU API
Team Fight Tactics OCR Bot Hack (TFT) 1
Team Fight Tactics OCR Bot Hack (TFT) 2

How to Use Team Fight Tactics OCR Bot

  1. Install Python 3.10.6 from
  2. Note that Python 3.10.6 cannot be used on Windows 7 or earlier.
  3. Clone the repository or download it from here
  4. BOT/archive/refs/heads/
  5. Open Command Prompt and change the current directory to the folder where is located
  6. Run pip install -r requirements.txt in Command Prompt
  7. Install tesseract using the Windows installer available at:
  8. Note the tesseract path from the installation.
  9. Set the tesseract path in the file (it may already be correct)
  10. Configure so the league client path is correct
  11. Disable all in-game overlays
  12. Run the file

Download Team Fight Tactics OCR Bot


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