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Rainbow Six Siege AFK Farm Bot 2022

Hoohaa Hoohaa -
rainbow six siege afk farm bot

Rainbow Six Siege Afk Farm Bot is one of the bot software that you can use for free. When you have an urgent job in Rainbow Six Siege, you can open this bot and stay AFK with peace of mind. The bot will roam for you by itself, preventing you from being banned, so you won’t be banned for inactivity.

Those who play Rainbow Six know that the penalty for being afk is heavy, so we developed this bot and present it to you. It really prevents being banned completely, so we can stay afk as we want. If your goal is to gain XP, there is no obstacle for you to do this. You can get XP by staying afk in Six Siege game, so you will rise. However, be careful not to eat reports, I recommend you to enter with your friends.

You can take a look at the category where we have cheats for other games.

Rainbow Six Siege AFK Farm Bot 2022 1
Rainbow Six Siege AFK Farm Bot 2022 2

If you don’t have time to collect Level or BattlePass points, this cheat is for you! It is an afk farm bot that works in every game mode, so you will rise. You can do anything while this bot is active, but you cannot defeat opponents.

Rainbow Game Settings:

  • Full Screen & Borderless Mode
  • Aspect Ratio must be 16:9 or Auto.
  • The game language must be English.
  • The brightness should be 70.

Recommendation for Users Under Level 50:

If you want the Bot to play unranked for you, change this Lines of Code.

Line: 927 == Round(MW/2.641)
Line: 927 == Round(MW/8.421)

Rainbow Six Siege AFK Farm Bot 2022 3
Rainbow Six Siege AFK Farm Bot 2022 4

How to Use Rainbow Six Siege Afk Farm Bot

  1. Download R6 Afk Farm bot from the “Download” button below.
  2. Extract the archive anywhere. (Password:123)
  3. Run the exe.
  4. Make your settings and enter the game and activate it.
  5. Have fun!

Is The Bots Safe to Use?

Botting is cheating, so it is forbidden!
My Bots have an AntiBot Detection for this, the chance of getting Banned is very low.

How to Setup the Keys?

Enter the keys you want the Bot to press.
For example: the Bot should press “q” then you simply enter “q”.
Attention all Letters must be written in lower case.
You can only insert one Key.

How to Enable The Low Level Workaround?

  1. Disable “Casual/Unranked”.
  2. Enable “Casual/Unranked” again.
  3.  A Message Box will appear.
  4. Hit “Yes”.
  5. Finish, start the Bot.

Download R6 Six Siege AFK Farm Bot 2023


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