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PUBG No Recoil Hack (using Razer synapse) Steam

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Pubg No Recoil Macro

PUBG No Recoil Hack is a no recoil macro for people with Razer Synapse driver. With the new update there is faster shooting and better no recoil. Razer Mouse and Razer Synapse software are required to use the cheat. In this new update we will no longer need to change dpi and sensitivity. Everything is explained very clearly in the usage video of the cheat. You can use the cheat quickly with the tutorial video.

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PUBG No Recoil Hack (using Razer synapse) Steam 1
PUBG No Recoil Hack (using Razer synapse) Steam 2

How to Use PUBG No Recoil Hack

  1. Download the Macro file below.
  2. Extract the archive anywhere. (Password:123)
  3. Open Razer Synapse software.
  4. Upload the xml file from the Macro section.
  5. Then use it as in the tutorial video.
  6. Have fun!

Respond to your opponents with straight bullets and defeat them with ease. It’s your turn to be the winner of the PUBG Steam game, now you can be the first in every game because you will enjoy the game in the best way without being banned thanks to this no-kickback cheat.

You don’t need to set dpi anymore in this newly updated cheat, yes you heard it right. It will completely adjust for you and give you a great experience. If you don’t have a Razer Mouse, now is the time to get it! The usage video of the cheat is below, you can browse and learn about the usage.

Download PUBG No Recoil Hack Steam


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