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ProjectAspire CSGO Internal Cheat [Aimbot, ESP, Triggerbot]

Muche Lee Muche Lee -
csgo internal cheat

ProjectAspire cheat is one of the internal cheat types in newly released csgo. It’s a great and simple legit cheat that anyone can use for free. If you want to take the fun to the top without getting a vac ban in CSGO, you are exactly at the right place.

I should also say that the aimbot of this cheat works like a legend, when you use it with smooth, you will have an aim that will not be obvious when you use it. This project aims to make people safe from VAC and CSGO low trust factor system, so rest assured.

CSGO Internal Cheat About

Cheat types in CSGO are divided into internal and external cheats. Although external cheats are observed to be more secure, you can see that internal cheats do not ban after some internal cheats are secured. Even if the source codes are disclosed, the cheat will not ban you because valve doesn’t care much. There are various functions in this cheat, such as ESP, Aimbot, Triggerbot and many more, so you don’t have to worry about it, it’s safe and sound.

If you are getting a VAC ban while using internal cheats, you may be forgetting to do the vac bypass or the cheat may have expired, but since this cheat is new, it shouldn’t be such a problem. In addition to the cheat, we recommend you to press VMP, it will be enough to press only the dll file, you can press Vac to prevent bans.

csgo internal cheat

ProjectAspire CSGO Cheat Keybinds

  • Insert – Toggle interface
  • F1 – Previous tab
  • F2 – Next tab
  • Up Arrow – Previous item
  • Down arrow – Next item
  • Left Arrow – Disable
  • Right Arrow – Enable
  • Enter – Select Hotkey
  • Enter – Buton Callback

How to use ProjectAspire CSGO Internal Cheat ?

  1. Download the projectaspire csgo cheat from the “Download” button below.
  2. Extract the archive anywhere. (Password:123)
  3. Run any injector you downloaded from our website (CouInjector or CSGhost is recommended)
  4. Don’t forget to VAC Bypass to CSGO.
  5. Open CSGO and inject the cheat dll file. (Vmp can be printed to the dll file upon request, it has been observed to be healthier)
  6. You can show/hide the menu with the INSERT key.
  7. Enjoy!

ProjectAspire CSGO Internal Cheat Features

  • Aimbot: Enable, Hotkey, Visible check, Exclude team, FOV, Smooth, Hitbox, Aim after X shots, Disables (Smoke, flash, air, spectated)
  • Triggerbot: Enable, Hotkey, Hitbox, Exclude team, Disables (Smoke, flash), Delay
  • ESP: Enable, Visible check, Exclude team, Box, Name, Health, Distance, Map area, Skeleton, Lines, Head dot
  • Projectiles: Enable, Visible check, Weapon names, Bomb, Hostages, Utilities
    Colors suite.
  • Other: Safe mode, Show navigation-keys, Server radar, Reveal spectators, Show FOV radius, Save settings, Load settings, Panic hotkey, Unload

Download ProjectAspire CSGO Cheat


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