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Pet Simulator X Script 2023 Auto Farm OP GUI!

Hoohaa Hoohaa -
pet simulator x script 2

We share a script in Pet Simulator X, which has been played very often recently, and we are sure that you will be amazed by this script. It has so many features and you are unbelievably not banned from the game. In addition, this script continues to work without any problems, while other cheats have lost their functionality.

We are here with the most plain and simple to use pet simulator x cheat ever. The cheat does not contain any key system and the fact that it allows many functions will make you think it is really a premium cheat. Have the best pet and grow as fast as you can! It’s all in your hands and it’s pretty simple.

There may be times when most of you can’t be at the computer, but no need to worry, turn on automatic farming and sit back or sleep with this script. You can be sure that he will collect all the gold or any other loot for you.

Pet Simulator X Script Features

  • Auto Farm
  • Split Pets
  • Hop Worlds
  • Speed
  • Coin Filter
  • Auto Hatch
  • Auto Dark Matter
  • Collect Pets
  • Auto Collect
  • Auto Claim
  • Auto Convert
  • Auto Fuse
  • Misc
  • and more

pet simulator x script

How to Script in Pet Simulator X ?

  1. Click the “Get Script” button below.
  2. Copy the Pet Simulator X Roblox Script Hack code from the notes page.
  3. Start your free and undetected roblox exploit.
  4. If you do not have a Roblox Exploit, you can download and use it from our website.
  5. Open Pet Simulator X Game.
  6. Attach / Inject your roblox exploit to the Pet Simulator X game.
  7. Paste copied script to the your roblox exploit and execute it into the game!

If you’re playing alone in Pet Simulator X and you’re really bored, you’re in the right place! After using this script you will have a lot of friends and they will all see you as cool because you will be very rich. You will get enough of gold and gems, you can activate automatic development with a single button thanks to its very simple use.

Currently, we recommend this script to you in a highly reliable and undetected way, we recommend you to use it with the krnl exploit on our website, krnl has a key system, but this script does not, so you are very lucky!

Download Pet Simulator X Script

Get Script

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