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Overwatch 2 Hack Aimbot Free Cheat

Hoohaa Hoohaa -
overwatch 2 hack

Overwatch 2 Hack, we are publishing free cheats for you and we hope you should try this awesome aimbot hack. You can also download and use this aim cheat, which has not been detected for a long time. A new free cheat for Overwatch 2 has been designed and released. We share non-virus cheats for you.

It works in the same logic as the color aim system. The aimbot will be locked to the colors and will be locked to the colors of the opponents for you, so it will be easier to beat your opponents.

Overwatch 2 Hack Aimbot Free Cheat 1
Overwatch 2 Hack Aimbot Free Cheat 2

How to Use Overwatch 2 Free Cheat

  1. Before you start, install the Java Development Kit (kdj-15.0.1_windows-x64_bin) and the Interception Driver along the path “Overwatcheat\Interception\command line installer” in Cmd.
  2. Then type this “install-interception.exe /install”
  3. Wait for download Transfer dll from Interception\library\x64 to rogue folder (Overwatcheat-3.5.0\build\Overwatcheat 3.5.0) Open overwatcheat in Overwatcheat-3.5.0\build\Overwatcheat 3.5.0 folder.
  4. Adjust in the text editor and as you wish.
  5. Your sensitivity should match the game.
  6. aim_duration_millis > 1000/frame count + 1. Rounding down
  7. For example 1000/60 + 1 = 17.6. Round to 17. Enter 17.
  8. I suggest you set target_color_tolerance > 15. (Increases the number of false positives. Decrease if he accidentally starts aiming)

Note: Start the game in borderless Windowed Mode.
Note: The opponent’s color must be Magenta (purple).
Have fun!

Download Overwatch 2 Hack

Download (Pass: 123)


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