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LoL Skin Hack – League Skin Changer 12.21

Hoohaa Hoohaa -
lol skin hack

I’m back with a new LoL Skin Hack! It’s easy to get this free League Skin Changer cheat. It is a completely free and reliable skin cheat. It allows you to change your opponents and your own costumes as you wish and to have all the skins. In League of Legends, Skin Changer allows you to add opponents, minions, towers, monsters, and any costume you want, which is definitely a good thing. If you want to take advantage of various skins, you can download it and do it in accordance with our user guide below.

LoL Skin Changer Features

  • Gear Changer
  • Ward Skin Changer
  • Minion Changer
  • Turret Changer
  • Baron Skin Changer
  • Blue Skin Changer
  • Red Changer
  • Crab Changer
  • Razorbeak SkinChanger
  • Krug Changer
  • Enemy Champions Skin Changer
LoL Skin Hack - League Skin Changer 12.21 1
LoL Skin Hack – League Skin Changer 12.21 2

How to Use LoL Skin Hack

  1. Download the cheat from the “Download” button below.
  2. Extract the archive anywhere.
  3. Run any injector you downloaded from our website.
  4. After entering the Arena in the League of legends game, inject the cheat dll file with the injector you downloaded.
  5. The key to show/hide the menu is INSERT.
  6. Have fun!

One of the great features included in this free League OF Legends Skin Changer cheat is Spectator mode support. By the way, you don’t have to worry when using the cheat because it automatically updates the skin database, so it is very difficult to fix. With the JSON-based configuration save and load feature, you will be able to save your last settings, and after a while, when you enter the game again, it will automatically load for you.

LoL Skin Cheat with ImGui menu has left a good impression on many people, so it is one of the most preferred skin cheats. There are different skins for the monsters in the jungle and you can change them as you wish. If you are playing Lux in the game, you can get the Guardian of Light Lux or you can have other skins.

Change the color or change the skin of the minions in the corridor, you can also choose the skin you want for your wards, this cheat is only visible to us and the opponents will not see it, so you are very unlikely to be banned from the game. Download and try this multifunctional free lol skin hack!

There are differences from the lol skin cheat found on our website before, and I can say this is the better version and the most up-to-date version.

Download League Skin Changer 12.21


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  1. Leaddy - -

    I couldn’t make the injectors on your site, can you help me?

  2. Lucifer Luciân - -

    fixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 12.22 fixxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Nonsafety - -

    Hello, can you update to V13.3? Thank you.

    1. Hoohaa - -

      Yes, wait for new update.

  4. Onur Can - -

    Yeni güncelleme ne zaman gelir acaba çalışmıyor şuanda?

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