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Genshin Impact Hack [Godmode, Infinite Stamina & More] Acrepi

Hoohaa Hoohaa -
genshin impact hack

Hi guys today I’m sharing with you an awesome free Genshin Impact hack. It is a free genshin cheat that will equate to paid cheats. Don’t worry it is completely reliable and undetected. It supports a wide variety of functions, some of which are Godmode, Infinite Stamina, Noclip, Kill Aura.

It looks like a free version of the Akebi cheat, but it is observed that this cheat is superior in some functions. It is also known to be heavily supported by the Chinese. The cheat gained an extraordinary stability feature after the last updates, which fixed the fps problems for its users.

Features of Genshin Impact Hack


  • Attack Effects (Allows you to adjust your Attack Speed ​​etc.)
  • Auto Run (runs automatically to the point you choose)
  • No Cooldown (Resets the cooldown of your Skills)
  • God Mode (You Will Not Die)
  • No Clip (You can walk through walls)
  • Infinite stamina (Your stamina does not decrease while running or heavy attacking)

free genshin hack 2023


  • Auto Challenge (Automatically completes challenges on your world)
  • Auto Cook (Automatically cooks your food perfectly)
  • Auto Destroy Objects (Automatically breaks breakable objects such as mining structures etc.)
  • Auto Fish
  • Auto Loot (Automatically collects loot that falls on the ground)
  • Auto Seelie (follows Seelie)
  • Auto Talk (Passes dialogs automatically and quickly)
  • Auto Tree Farm
  • Fake Time (You can change your time zone in the game)
  • Game Speed ​​(You can change the game speed)
  • Kill Aura (One-shot at mobs around you, ideal for spiral abyss)
  • Mob Vacuum (attracts mobs around you)
  • Loot Vacuum (Draws loot around you)


  • Oculi Teleport (One-touch teleport to nearby Oculi)
  • Chest Teleport (One-touch teleport to nearby chests)
  • Custom Teleport (You can teleport to the special locations you choose with one click)
  • Map Teleport (You will be teleported to the location you selected on the map)
  • Quest Teleport (You teleport to your active mission)


  • Animation Changer (Changes the stance animations of the characters)
  • Camera Zoom (Increases the maximum zoom you can make)
  • Custom Profile (You can set your own profile)
  • Custom Weather (You can change the weather)
  • Emotion Changer (Characters’ facial expressions change)
  • Fps Unlock (Increase your fps limit from 60 to 120)
  • Flycloak (You can fly BAN RISK)
  • Free Camera (You can move your camera independently of your character)
  • Skin Changer (You can change your characters’ costumes)
  • Texture Changer (You can load your existing texture packs

genshin impact hack

How to Use Genshin Impact Hack 2023

  1. Download genshin hack 2023 from the “Download” button below.
  2. Extract the archive anywhere. (Password:123)
  3. Run injector.exe then it will ask you to select Genshin Impact.exe.
  4. Find and select the exe path from the Genshin Impact file location.
  5. Then the game will open automatically.
  6. Menu key INSERT.
  7. Good games!

Download Genshin Impact Hack


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