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Free Phasmophobia Hack Cash, FullBright, Teleport

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free Phasmophobia hack

If you’re looking for a Free Phasmophobia Hack and haven’t been able to find the best one, we’ve compiled and found it for you! Do not pass without trying this free Phasmophobia Cheat where you will have a lot of advantages. It is a legendary Phasmophobia cheat with many great and free features. It has a variety of features such as Infinite Stamina, Maxreach, speed, noclip. Edit player stats, edit your cash amount or change menu background colors.

Phasmophobia Hack is an online co-op game, one of the objectives of the game is to seek paranormal activity and control ghosts. If you are looking for a free Phasmophobia cheat, you are at the right place. Phasmophobia Cheat is not a very popular game on the internet, but it becomes a lot of fun thanks to the bone mass. If you are looking for cheats for other games, you can browse our website.

Phasmophobia Free Hack Features

  • LightMode/DarkMode (Changed Menu’s Background Colors)
  • Change Colors (Recolor Menu)
  • PStats (Edit Player Stats)
  • Cash (Allows you to edit your cash amount)
  • Items (Allows you to edit your item amounts)
  • Level (Allows you to edit your exact level) (keep cheat active untill the end of the reward screen, and you
  • May need to leave the lobby after to update your level.)
  • HoopScore (Allows you to edit your Hoop Score)
  • Fullbright (Brightens Body Light)
  • Binds (List Of Keybinds) (‘INSERT’ will show/hide menu while ‘Keybinds’ is active) (UpKey/DownKey controll movement speed/NoClip speed, while ‘MovementSpeed’ and ‘KeyBinds’ is active)
  • Activation Sounds (Text to speech notifications for keybinds)
  • NewName (Create a multiplayer private lobby, Type a new name under
  • ‘NewName’ PRESS ENTER then change your character model to update name.)
  • TP (Teleport = To Truck, To Death Room, To Ghost, To Custom Position.) If your in the lobby, ‘Truck’ teleports you to the lobby area, and
  • ‘DeathRoom’ teleports you inside the jump scare room.
  • Player (Opens Player Window)
  • InfStam (Infinite Stamina)
  • MaxReach (Very Far Reach)
  • Movement Speed
  • Throw Strength
  • Sanity
  • Invicible (Cant Die)
  • Noclip (Fly, Clips Through Map(Space for up, CTRL for down, Can only clip up and down)
  • CanPickup
  • PocketEverything
  • Complete Missions
  • Suicide (Instantly kill self (Does not spawn body)
  • Revive All (Revives properly if the Tarot Cards are the cursed item)
  • ButterFingers (Makes all players drop inventory)
  • LockDoors
  • — UNLOCK Doors
  • Spawn Body (Spawns dead body on your position, can be spammed, but if spammed to much will actually kill you.)
  • Can Close Truck
  • Yoga
  • GhostInfo (Ghost Name, Ghost Age, Ghost Type, Ghost Current Location, Favorite Room Evidence, is hunting or not)
  • PlayerInfo (names, sanity, average sanity & more)
  • ItemInfo
  • Cursed
  • Ghost (Makes ghost visible for a second for everyone)
Free Phasmophobia Hack Cash, FullBright, Teleport 1
Free Phasmophobia Hack Cash, FullBright, Teleport 2

How to Use Free Phasmophobia Hack

  1. Download the cheat from the “Download” button below.
  2. Extract the archive anywhere.
  3. Download and install the Cheat Engine program on your computer.
  4. — UNLOCK Phasmophobia Cheat.
  5. Have fun!

Phasmophobia Hack Change Log

Fixed Menu For Latest Game Update ^_^

Fixed GhostState not displaying when the ghost is hunting.

Fixed NoHuntTimer/Hunt Cool down Bypass.

ForceCursedItem is currently not working properly in multiplayer games, use with caution! (As an alternative, you can see the cursed item before the game starts. The cursed object will change every time you push apply in the Difficulty Menu.)

Download Free Phasmophobia Hack


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