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Among Us Menu Hack PC 2023 Noclip, Freecam & More

Hoohaa Hoohaa -
among us menu hack

Among Us Menu Hack comes in a new and updated way. You are very close to experience this amazing cheat with great features. It is really multifunctional and one of the simplest installed and used cheats. As you know, Among Us game is who is the killer game and if you want to be the best, use this cheat and have fun to the fullest. You will be able to spot the rival killers and eat them, which could be you as the killer instead. If you always want to be victorious and enjoy the fun, download this cheat according to the instructions below.

Among Us Menu Hack Features


  • Change player speed
  • Change kill distance
  • Change taskbar updates


  • Max Vision
  • Wallhack
  • Freecam
  • Zoom
  • Always show chat button
  • Read messages by ghosts
  • Reveal impostors
  • — UNLOCK Vents
  • NoClip
  • See Ghosts


  • Show dead bodies
  • Show ghosts
  • Right click to teleport
  • Hide radar during meetings
  • Radar opacity


  • See percentage of tasks completed
  • Teleport to player
  • Report dead body
  • Call meeting
  • Spectate
  • See tasks


  • Complete all tasks
  • Complete individual tasks
  • Fake visual tasks as impostor


  • Repair and Sabotage
  • Disable lights (so you can’t repair)
  • Doors:
  • Close all doors
  • Close and pin individual doors
  • See what doors are closed


  • List all events like entering a vent, completing a task, killing someone, and more.
  • Filter types of events
  • Host options(Only works when you are game host):
  • Select impostors
  • Change map in the lobby (with added Dleks support)

Other things:

  • Unlocks all cosmetics(pets, hats and skins)
  • Removes ban timers
  • ESP
Among Us Menu Hack PC 2023 Noclip, Freecam & More 1
Among Us Menu Hack PC 2023 Noclip, Freecam & More 2

How to Use Among Us Menu Hack for PC

  1. Download the among us cheat from the download button below.
  2. Extract the archive anywhere.(Password:123)
  3. Open the game Among Us.
  4. While in the menu inject AmongUsMenu.dll with any injector you downloaded from our website.
  5. You can show/hide the menu with the “DELETE” key.
  6. Have fun!

Alternative method to activate the cheat: Submit the downloaded version.dll file to the Among Us File location. That’s it, you can activate the menu with DELETE.

AmongUsMenu Hack Keybinds

  • Show Menu: DELETE
  • Show Radar: INSERT
  • Show Console: HOME
  • Repair Sabotage: END

Did you know that you can be any game killer? Yes, this is real now and every time we will be killers, we must find our opponents and defeat them, and you will be able to find our enemies easily thanks to the radar. You can sabotage whenever you want, so it will be much easier to hunt your opponents. You can download our cheat below and you can benefit from a lot of features for free thanks to easy installation.

Download Among Us Menu Hack


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